Our Mission

CandS Consulting Mission is to guide average individuals with no experience in eCommerce, towards life-changing success and profits.

Our Essence

At our core, we operate with integrity, inclusivity, and a client individuality-focused approach. We maintain the human aspect with face-to-face live consultations only.

Our Promise

We will deliver a tailored plan to each client´s consultation request. We will work with individuals for an entire month to guarantee success in your e-Business, or provide you with a full refund after 30 days.

Our Moto

´´Compounding more money than you save.¨

Passive income and compound interest go hand in hand. These are things simply not thought in schools.

We will teach our clients how to compound their profits and earn MORE MONEY than the 11% offered by the world´s largest hedge funds.

Some Clients Earn up to 100% APY